Google Chrome extension for discourse notifications

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I’ve opened a new issue on github Increase font size · Issue #22 · alepolidori/chrome-discourse-notifications · GitHub
Please leave a comment if it is not correct

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I’ve opened issues
Please comment it if you need

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Thanks @alefattorini
djfarrelly has already suggested me the same thing here, but I had no time.
I hope to do so soon :wink:

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Could you give a brief explanation of the technical implementation - how does this extension poll the site for notifications? Does it keep the session constantly online, or does the pluging check-in to the site periodically for new notfications?

Recently I’ve had some messagebus load issues under very high traffic spikes, so I am concerned what it will do to my server load, if all my loyalists install this plugin.

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It gets some user data at boot, for example to get the user id.
Then it uses message bus to receive notifications.
@sam gave me the advice in this post

Probably you may find some useful information here

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@meglio I’ve implemented it with a new option. What do you think ?
The new version is 1.1.1


I have discourse running on a static IP address on GCP but no FQDN. This plugin will not accept the IP address as a URL. I would be nice if that were rectified. Thanks in advance.

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@theomniaproject could you please open a bug into the github project Issues · alepolidori/chrome-discourse-notifications · GitHub ?

Thx for reporting! :slight_smile:


Notifications do not appear to be working properly. Installed… have the latest discourse build and chrome.

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Hi @8BIT, I know that it does not work and I asked here to get some advices Problem getting session/current.json

I was on vacation, so I’ll try to investigate ASAP…