Google Ratings and Closed Topics

The co-owner of our discourse told me that Google gives lower scores to closed topics than open ones and to “close” with caution.
Is this true?

No. Every content is closed basically. And there is nothing specially looked by Google that would tell there is no future updates.

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Could you ask them to cite their source for this?


I appreciate your answer. I thought this would be the case. I have often googled closed issues found here. Closed issues are common on meta.discourse

I doubt he has a link, but I will request him to look at this question and response.
Perhaps, long winded 20 page posts (with 70 or 100+ responses) will gain large duplicate keywords and maybe that could give him the perception that open topics do well.

When I say pages, I’m referring to older style discussion boards. That is what he is most familiar with.