[Graceful theme] Mobile images not responsive

Users have reported this issue. When uploaded, images won’t show up responsive on mobile. Any way to fix it?

Send us the image that is not responsive, a screenshot from a smartphone is not enough to understand the problem

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@Dax All images posted on the forum are cropped out on mobile. This doesn’t occur when I turn off the Graceful theme.

Ahhhh, I will specify it in the title because I thought you referred to Discourse in general and not to a particular theme.

PS. send us a list of the other theme components you are using with the Graceful theme.

And are you using unofficial plugins?


I’ve tried disabling both official and unofficial plugins in safe mode, as well as all components. Nothing changed, so I guess it’s the theme css.

I’ve addressed these issues in the Graceful discussion, but no one has answered. There’s also an issue with the names. They appear far from the avatars on mobile. Disabling all components and plugins don’t fix these two issues.

I have pushed a commit with fixes to the image sizes and the spacing between names and avatars on mobile. Let me know if the issues persists after you’ve updated the theme.


Thank you. I’m not an expert, but I tried removing some parts of the css and somehow managed to fix the spacing issue, as well as some login screen adjustments.

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