Grant badge view not displaying any data

My discourse version is v2.3.0.beta9 +492. I’m experiencing this issue on safe mode with custom themes, custom plugins, & official plugins disabled.

The view renders correctly but does not display any dynamic data.

There is an error in the console.

Uncaught TypeError: _.groupBy is not a function
    at n.groupedBadges (admin-40a2f70048596291a10627baa7569d2037b092dfdbcd67b0d2ac1ce7db7bfa64.js:7)
    at n.<anonymous> (application-d1dbb1bf3331dc1f7d279dafd5789b9090c7e8dca6a90ec53c79d0ea22b382f7.js:1)
    at n.o.get (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:7)
    at Q (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:6)
    at t.r.compute (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:4)
    at t.value (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:4)
    at e.t.iterate (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:5)
    at e.t.isEmpty (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:13)
    at e.value (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:14)
    at e.t.initialize (ember_jquery-0ae86c6a7527a99c2b9b8a11521273bd9cb4f7d41bc546df081b7ee94f26d9c3.js:13)

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

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Currently running Discourse v2.3.0.beta9 +479

Trying to issue any badges to any users but the drop down list of badges does not open.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Click on a User
  2. Click Admin button
  3. Click Edit Badges button
  4. Click the drop down list to see what badges are available

Nothing happens… the drop down does not open and an error is presented in the web console:

Interestingly, I am able to issue badges from a post. If I click on the spanner icon on any post and chose Grant Badge, then the whole list of badges opens up and works normally.


Error log screen shot:

Any suggestions?


Will fix this tomorrow


This will be fixed by:

I also added a test which would have caught this failure on users badges page.

Thanks for reporting this :+1:


Fixed installed and tested - thanks @joffreyjaffeux :smiley:


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