Granting a newly created badge with no default badge group causes errors

No repro here or on meta.

Actually, not quite true – I found this topic after some digging and it resolved it for me:

Pretty much, there should be a default group for every new badge created – if not, user’s badge page will crash if he has a badge that has no group. Since there was no warning or default, I didn’t think much of it about assigning it a group.

Similar to a .NET form where you have radio buttons - always have 1 checked by default or bad things happen.

So this is for a new badge you created?

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Correct. Consolidating old topic:

I have a feeling it has to do with this – by resolving this issue below, I bet I resolved this one, too:

I granted a badge that had no badge group. Since there’s no default group for badges and no warning you HAVE to have one or it’ll crash a user’s badge (if assigned), this causes both the error in this thread and the one linked above.

I recommend adding a default group for all badges that just sort of hovers to prevent this (better than warning - people dont read warnings, ehehe)

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