Great Community Guidelines

(Tom Ruh) #1

As I am laying out what I want my community to look like, It is clear that design and UX are important. However, I think the backbone is the Community Guidelines or Manifesto. I am looking to see if anyone has examples or suggestions to help create a specifically civil community.

(Nichalas Petranek) #2

Both of the discourse instances that I’m on independent of this one (I’m an admin on one of them) use the default community guidelines. Have a read of them, they really are quite thorough and pretty much eliminate the need to come up with your own.


Yup, here you go: Community Guideline Examples - Managing Communities - FeverBee Experts

(Tom Ruh) #4

Great, this helps a lot. Thank you

(Michael Friedrich) #5

I’ve adopted the default FAQ at first, and then have largely rewritten it for a more QA based and centric to monitoring tools community. Maybe you can extract some specific things from it.

(Tom Ruh) #6

This helps, thank you.

For my project I am going to try creating a community driven news site, using the structure of a forum.