@group and notifications

I think it would be really handy to @group-name in a topic and they all receive a notification. A bit like Gitter’s @/all which alerts everyone who is a member of that chat/room.

Anyone else think it’s a good idea, or can think of any drawbacks?

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You already have Group Mentions in the content of a post:

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And Messages too.

@AstonJ Got a usage example that you’re having problems with?

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@group mentions expand into a list of @user mentions. This quickly puts you over the max. mentions limit (default 10). I’ve set the limit to 1,000 on my install, but it looks very ungainly when I @ a group with 40 members.

EDIT: The specific examples for my own site are:

@Trustees - that’s the Group who are responsible for the actual organisation. It’s a smaller group than Mods or Admins, and may not necessarily overlap with those groups in the future. It’s useful to be able to draw their attention to serious matters.

@Members - those are the paid-up members of the organisation. They’re the majority of our accounts right now, but when we integrate with wordpress, and grow as an org generally, there will be more non-Members. There could be 100s of Members eventually.


Yeah, I am not a huge fan of the current implementation … I kind of wish it did not expand and instead we used something like @@admins or something.


Ah, thanks. I can see where that would be a problem.
Currently we have only used such as @advisors @staff etc which are smaller sized groups and so have not had a problem

Ah right thanks guys. I did wonder what that setting was (assumed it was the ability to use the group name as a title) was expecting a setting that said something like ‘Who can @mention this group’.

This is now implemented and explained here: