Group Automations From Real World Stats

I hope you’re all having a great start to the new year! Can anyone of you gurus help us with some creative problem solving regarding a new community ranking system we would like to implement?

I’m the main admin for the GFC Forum, and our leadership team and I came up with some fun ways to gain status in the community outside of Trust Levels. However, it seems difficult to execute on this strategy over time. Since we sell truck campers and roof top tents, we want folks to gain status by how many nights they camp annually, not just forum engagement. Unfortunately, this seems like a very manual task for us to manage.

Initially we thought, let’s create a Category called “Pudding” (proof is in the pudding, we’re weirdos and like to have fun), and every time someone posts a trip, they share a photo and how many nights spent in their camper. We unfortunately have to rank them and add to a group manually. See below for rankings/ group descriptions:


Category Description: This is the place to share recent trips and gain community status.

Similar to Discourse trust levels or groups, but based on real world statistics. Earn status from ‘Mall Crawler’ to ‘Lifer’ by sharing your adventures with the forum. Your status is reset annually, but we’ll commemorate your efforts with a surprise gift.


    • Everyone starts here. As a new user this is your official status until you’ve leveled up to a weekend warrior.

    • For those who spend at least 12 nights per year in their GFC. Congrats for getting out there.

    • Become a Weekend Legend by spending at least 52 nights per year in your GFC. You live and breathe all things GFC, kudos.

    • The highest status of all. Lifers spend at least 100 nights per year in a GFC. Hell, you just might even live in it, and we salute you.

That said, do you have any suggestions on how to get this done in a way that’s easier? Is there a form based solution or plugin? Can we add code language to a badge or some other way that allows us to automate tracking of nights spent in a camper per user?

Our forum is very active, and growing our Discourse is one of our main priorities as a growing company. We see community as the best marketing tool, and it genuinely allows us to give back.

ANY HELP is so appreciated, even if there is a cost behind it. Please let me know if I can provide more clarity or information.


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