Group Join/Leave button not working

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This issue is back again for me. Not sure it related to the linked “topic list” refresh issue so starting a new topic.

Also, when selecting Join Group for certain groups I get an error message: ‘user’ is already a member of this group (but the Groups page doesn’t reflect that fact). I tried clearing cache.

I am an owner of some of these groups but still seeing the issues for groups where I am non-owner.

A user should not really be allowed to “leave” the group if they are owner right?. As I type this, I am realizing maybe that’s why the button isn’t changing for some groups? Maybe this should trigger an error message or disable the button for owners so they can’t leave a group. User are allowed to “not have an owner” so I suppose this could be addressed later.

Another issue to consider for troubleshooting, I did change my groups names recently (so they could be sorted in order by slug name).

If this looks like something specific to my instance, feel free to move it to private support.


Can you repro @tgxworld?

Hi @scombs

Which group were you trying to join? Were you using your own user to join the group?

Hmm there is currently no such restriction in place. A group can be without any owner since admins can still manage them.


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