Joining a group doesn't take effect unless the browser is hard-refreshed


  1. Sign up as new user
  2. Click hamburger menu > Groups
  3. Click "+ Join Group"
  4. Click site logo to return to topic list

Expected: all topics which are private to the joined group should be displayed in the list
Actual: private topics not displayed

Refreshing the page causes the topics to be displayed. But this isn’t ideal, as users won’t know to do this and will be confused. Have seen this problem on iPad and desktop (not yet tested on mobile)


@tgxworld add to your list when you get back :slight_smile:


Hi @ChrisBeach, sorry for the delay in my response here.

I just looked into this and couldn’t reproduce the issue. What I did was create a category that could be only viewed by my test group. Joining and leaving the group both updated the topic list when I clicked on the logo.

Are you still able to reproduce this?


I saw this refresh-required issue recur on my site (Discourse hosted) on Wednesday 2017-03-08 (during client demo ugh) but it was resolved the next day. I don’t think it was resolved by any update and havent been able to reproduce. Appears to be working for me now.

Related feature request :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry this was the actual bug related to Group button (not topic list) but perhaps related:

Selecting the Leave Group button on Groups page doesn’t toggle to immediately show the Join Group button.

Also appears to be resolved now.


I’m still seeing this issue on my forum unfortunately

By private topics, do you mean categories that are restricted to certain groups? I’m still having trouble replicating this locally so I’m going to need more details.

Yes, that’s right @tgxworld . The private categories in question have permissions like this:


Which group can I use to test out on your site? I’m not getting it locally at all.

I’ve just tested again and verified the problem exists on my site. I signed up a new user and joined the “Cyclists” group. After I joined from the groups page, I clicked the site logo to return to the “Latest” page, and I expected to see a recent “Cycling” topic in the list but didn’t see it.

This is the topic I expected to see was this one:

I saw this after a hard refresh in the browser.

Hmm I’m seeing a completely different bug. The topic is there but for some reason the category for the topic isn’t shown.

It’s possible you need to sign up as a new user and join the group within a single session in order to see the original bug.

BTW - I think I have encountered the second bug (that you just encountered) in previous testing, so I can corroborate that bug too.

I just did that and I can still see the topic but with a blank category.

Just FYI - When I tested this morning, it was on mobile (iPhone 7, Safari).

Fix the missing category in

I still can’t get a reproduction for the bug in this topic though :sadpanda:


@tgxworld I took in your bug fix and tested again. I think you may have fixed both problems! :dizzy:


\o/ Closing this then :slight_smile: