Group of users that can edit

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We are using the MathJax plugin but there are still users that do not know how to write with it. So there are a lot of posts that contain bad formulas like a+5=9. We are trying to create a special group of users that are allowed to edit and fix those posts (this is the only privilege this group gets).
How can I create a new group of users that can edit and fix other user’s posts per one category?
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If it’s the original post, you can enable Make new topics wikis by default for the category, but that works only for the original post and anyone will be able to edit it.

Isn’t it anyone who has the minimum trust level to edit wiki posts?

From memory that setting defaults to trust level 3 (TL3).

P.S. @verilog15, you can allow a group of users to have some moderator powers in a specific category:

Yes! Good point.

The code begs to differ! :wink:


Small update to this one - there’s some discussion of the potential for a group-enabled setting which may cover this use-case: