Restrict wiki editing to a single group

New to discourse and was wondering something about how wikis functioned. I have a wiki post that I want a single group to be able to edit, not the whole site–is there a way to accomplish this? Otherwise, is there a plugin that does?


Do you want other users to be able to comment?


I just tested this out on my own site, because I wasn’t sure of the answer. There are a couple of ways you can approach this.

If you do not want to allow non-group-members to be able to create replies to the wiki topics, you can prevent non-group-members from editing the wiki topics by putting the topics into a category that allows staff members and your group’s members to Create / Reply / See the wiki topics. Any other groups that you allow to have access to the category should only be allowed to See its topics. Here’s an example configuration from my site:

With these settings, site admins and members of my foo_12 group will be able to create and edit wikis in the category. They will also be able to reply to wiki topics. All other users on the site will only be able to see the wiki topics that are in that category.

If you change those category permissions to allow the everyone group to Reply / See wiki topics, any users who meet the trust level set by your site’s min trust to edit wiki post setting will be able to edit the wikis.

The other approach that might work for you would be to configure your site’s min trust to edit wiki post and min trust to allow self wiki (the minimum trust level a user needs to convert one of their own topics to a wiki) settings. This could work for your case if you are able to grant all members of the group you’d like to be able to create and edit wikis trust level 4. You could then set both of the wiki site settings to “4: leader” to prevent other users from editing or creating wikis.


@simon thanks for summarizing the options.

In my case only the last one would work. I want only a certain group (let’s call them wiki editors) to be able to create and modify wikis (in this category), but I want others to be able to reply. The use case is that using replies, anyone can suggest changes to the wiki, but only the group of wiki editors can actually make changes.

The downside as you point out is I’d have to grant all my wiki editors TL4 which I wouldn’t necessarily want to do. I just recently created a Leadership [lounge] so TL4 has a very specific meaning. I think my workaround would be to change the leadership category to be based on a Leadership group instead of TL4.

So I’d put in a feature request for wiki create/edit based on group.


I too am missing this option. What I need is to only give a certain group permission to edit the (wiki) posts in a certain category. I don’t want to give them permission to make new topics, nor to reply to the existing topics, but I do want to give them permission to edit topics, without adding them to the leader trust level.
What I am basically missing is the ‘edit’ permission.

(another different feature I am missing is to give members one one group the ability to appoint and remove members of another group)

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