Group poll results by User Custom Field

Have you ever wanted to breakdown the results of your polls into different groups to see which areas of your community are voting for what? Good news. :partying_face: You can do just that using a combination of User Custom Fields and the poll groupable user fields admin setting.

Here’s a walkthrough…

First, create your User Custom Field from your /admin/customize/user_fields page (You can find more details on that here Create and configure custom user fields).

Once you have one set up you can then add it to your poll groupable user fields admin setting. It’s currently a free input box based on the User Custom Field’s name, so watch out for typos.

Now, when users have filled out that custom field either at signup or through their profile page, whenever they vote in a poll you’ll get the option to see an advanced breakdown of the results by group (you can find more details on how to create polls in Create a poll that others can vote on).

If you’ve set up more than one User Custom Field to use, you can use the dropdown at the top to change the selection - and there are also Percentage and Count tabs so you can easily flip between the two.

And there you go. :slight_smile: If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below or create a new support topic.

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