Poll Result Breakdown

Very recently we added a new feature for our Poll plugin: results breakdown. The idea is that if you have Discourse properly integrated into your thing, you can create surveys in Discourse, while being able to perform some analysis of the results.

How to use

First you need to have fields to breakdown into. You can create those user fields on the admin interface, and ask users to fill those on sign up but it’s even better if you are feeding User Custom Fields using our Single Sign On protocol. That way all data is automatically updated and reliable.

For this demonstration, let’s say we are a game company that just launched a new update. I went ahead and added two fields:

After that, you need to enable the poll plugin to breakdown using those fields in the settings:

And that is it!

Now you can go ahead and create a new poll using the poll builder. Don’t forget to pick the Pie chart type here:


Following our demonstration, here is a topic with a survey that contains 3 polls using this new feature markdown:

We launched our biggest patch to date last week, and we now want to know your opinion on it!

### What is your opinion on the new character?
[poll name=char type=regular results=always chartType=pie]
* Awesome
* Good
* Bad
* Horrible

### What is your opinion on the new map?
[poll name=map type=regular results=always chartType=pie]
* Awesome
* Good
* Bad
* Horrible

### What is your favorite new thing?
[poll name=thing type=regular results=always chartType=pie]
* New Map
* New Skills
* New Character
* New QoL changes

And this is the result after a few votes, you get the totals and can enable the breakdown between all previously configured user fields:

| |

This can give you a very quick glimpse of the polls results among different slices of your total population.

And if the results demand further analysis, we also added a quick Export button to polls, so you can export the full results and dissect it in specialized software. You can also customize the exported format by going into the Data Explorer plugin and changing the query responsible for the report at /admin/plugins/explorer?id=-16. If you prefer, you can point to a different Data Explorer query using the setting poll export data explorer query id.