Group read state in message cuts off reply button when you like the post

Hello all,
Not sure how easy it will be to fix this. It occurs on mobile version of Discourse. I’ll show some pictures below so you can get some idea of I’m on about.

I haven’t liked the post yet and reply button is visible

Post liked and the reply button has disappeared


Hello there :wave:

This is bugging us especially if we are on mobile. Not really in any rush at the moment to get a fix but would love it for the sake of simple way of replying.



I made a very minor fix here where once expanded, you can horizontally scroll the controls so you can access everything.

I briefly looked at allowing the controls to wrap, but it’s not the easiest change to make, doesn’t look great, and I think we’re due for some bigger mobile menu changes in the near future anyway… because it’s overloaded!


Hi Kris,

Thanks for the fix. It is definitely better than nothing!

Not surprised hahaha :joy: