(Group-)Restrictions on Watched Words

Hi there!

I really like the watched words functionality.
However, I’ve stumbled upon a possible use case in which they on the one hand do what I expect, but a hidden risk is opened on the other hand.

Here’s my use case:

My company is working with customers whose names cannot be made public. So I’d like to implement something to “protect” my colleagues of mentioning those names in public discussions by accident.

So I could enter those names in the watched words, and people get warned in discussions - all fine, right?.

But: if some public user (so not a direct colleague) at some time by random occasion types in a customer’s name, they also get warned and thereby can maybe deduce a collaboration between us and that customer.

A solution to this could be restricting the watched words to a certain group of users.

Is that maybe possible somehow? :slight_smile:

I’d be very happy for any tips or hints!


At some point the complexity of business rules gets a bit too much to include in core.

For cases like this we are working on a discourse-automation plugin with @joffreyjaffeux. This is certainly something automation could eventually support.

Groups scoping for various watched/flaged etc. words though I not something on the roadmap for core.


Thank you for your answer, @sam !

I of course totally understand that core cannot cover every use case or business rules someone has :slight_smile:

Just wanted to see if there is something like a plugin or a nifty alteration I can do.

Will watch out for your plugin, thanks for the hint!