Users exempted from watched words

We’re using the Watched Words feature, but we’re not watching or worried about profanity or other bad words. Instead, we have to look out for words like compensation, or salary. This is thanks to antitrust laws governing price fixing.

But those words can often be used in appropriate ways, and our president often needs to use them in posts. We wish there was a place to list “Users exempted from watched words”.


I had a similar use case. The best workaround I can suggest is adding the words to watch word --require approval. Then make the president moderator. Posts from Moderators and Admins automatically bypass the require approval feature. Everyone else triggers a notification – even Trust level 4.

I guess though adding this as a feature would be somewhat useful, but I struggle to see enough sittuations where the above workaround wouldn’t suffice

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Thanks, giving them moderator privilege is a decent workaround. I don’t want the president to be nagged with moderator notifications, so that’s a trade off, but thanks again for the suggestion.