Group specific tool bar

Provide different toolbars for 2 specific group sets, 1 for users who are not in specific group sets,1 for non-logged-in users.

A fork of Custom Admin Toolbox

Primarily I made this because I want to set a quick toolbar for users in different groups to indicate that whether they are granted higher-level access to the community or not. Also, I found some settings are too deep in the menu for discourse beginners so I put those also in the toolbar.

And for my convenience to check the admin panel, update site settings, etc.


Does this use User’s Primary Group? As some users maybe part of several groups.

And can you post a couple of ss of plugin in action?

No, it will check all groups the user has access to, for example, if you include group A and B in group set 1, users in A or B will see links you set for group set 1.

what is a ss?

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So it will blend toolbars?

For Example group A gets Toobar A

Group B gets Toolbar B

Some members of Group A are also in Group B these ppl would get a mix of the 2 toolbars or just see one of them?

There are priorities in settings from top to bottom, e.g. I’m an admin(group set 1) and I’m also part of group A(group set 2), I got ONLY toolbar for admin.

Basically, it checks in order for whether a user belongs to group set 1 or 2, if not, check if they are excluded from the excluded group. Non-logged-in user doesn’t have group settings so they are checked separately.

My admin toolbar

Non-logged-in users toolbar

User in group A toolbar

User not in group B toolbar

*the icon color and suffix text αre not included in this component, I add extra css.

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Thank you this is quite an Awesome theme componet and will be very useful. :vulcan_salute::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: