Group summary notifications & UI notification enhancements?

My forum pulls together engineers to work on humanitarian aid design. It’s just kicking-off, and we’re tweaking discourse by using for a single project designing water supply to a community in need. Now, in order to keep our work private during the development, we’ve created a group and related private categories that only groups have access to. Not all of the engineers need to be involved in the day-to-details, but they want to keep a pulse on the action, and for that notifications come into play. I’ve been asked if a group summary notification or email can out daily automatically to all users in the group. I’m thinking like the digest email, but daily, and to only the group members on group-only category topic updates.

Additionally, how can I increase the visibility of notifications in the discourse UI? Are there any settings or plugins that create a more-agitated alert (buzz, sound, animation, etc.) if someone has either PM’d or direct messaged a user via Babble?

Thanks in advance for your collective time and consideration!

Those are sent via e-mail (and push notifications) which in today world are the most disruptive you can get (phone makes noise, vibrates, smartwatches vibrates, etc).

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Re: emails, can a group member receive an email each time there is a post in a group-specific an private category? If so, can you please point me in the right direction? Also, any way to have a group summary email go out each day, or some other frequency, that only includes group-specific category content?

You can have members of the group watch the categories. You can have group members watch a category with a plugin. There are some exemplars if you search here.

The summary email is generated per user for the categories that they can see. You can see what it looks like for any user from /admin/email/summary (or similar).

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No plugin is necessary for this, but you might need to enter commands at the command line to force users to watch a category.

Could commands be written to force all group members to watch specific group-only categories, then another command for force the update email activity summary daily only for these categories? If yes, and yes, would you mind providing some direction? I’m not too experienced. Also, will doing this shut down other email summaries for other non-group categories?

Sure the info you need is here

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Make members of a group watch a category by default describes a plugin that does that

No, but I don’t think you need that. Did you look at how the summary emails work?