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Hi everybody,

Discourse works very well for the community that I energize. Over 7,500 teachers and counting. This growth is associated with a growth of groups, and it begins to be a problem for my users. The groups page works very well when you have few groups (<30) or you know what you are looking for.
But when you have a lot of groups, Groups page intimidates new users without much digital competence and without time to read dozens of groups. I would like my users to be able to search by concepts, for example: “mathematics” and that all related groups appear.

Thinking of introducing few changes in the design:

  1. That the group search engine also search in the description of the group. So, I can say to my users: search for #mathematics and include these #hashes in the description.

  2. Add tags to groups but with a different name to prevent confusions. Maybe “collections” or something like that…

Well, what do you think? Is there any similar solution?


Definitely a cool forward thinking idea.

As a thought in the meantine. Have you considered making a post with or without page publishing?

You could for an example use things like Hide details and/or theme-component Automatic table of Content amoung other things to organize your Groups into categorized groups.

You could likely even use the Docs plugin as well using Tags possibly to make group searches quicker?

With having Group join links etc…

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