Groups should have a root directory page, just like Users

Nothing urgent here, just adding this to ye olde TODO-list.

Since we have pages like this:

There ought to be a page like this:

I doubt the team is gonna make this a priority any time soon, so in the meantime I’d like some help fleshing out the details. How would the /groups page work differently from /users? Mockups wanted!


I literally just logged on to Meta to ask about this :smiley:

Not sure it needs detailed mockups? A sortable list with No. of Members and Name as the sorting columns. Also a “message this group” button if that group has the appropriate “Who can message and @mention this group?” setting.

On one of my regular trips to see if Discourse Meta exists yet. Thought I’d throw out the question… is anyone working on it?

At OpenMRS, we would like to leverage groups to help people with similar interests more easily find each other in Discourse; however, groups are too hard to discover. Looking forward to a Groups link in the burger menu that takes you to a list of public groups.


You missed seeing the “related topic link” under the OP for


LOL. What are the odds that the link doesn’t exist when I post and then exists the next day. Gotta love the Discourse community! Thanks for the heads up, @Mittineague!