Groups page: username filter and "add user" confused, too close together for owners

I watched the owner of a group on my site as he navigated the group owner functionality on /groups/groupname, and he was confused. There’s a “username” input field right next to a big “+ Add new member” button. He (and I) thought that the way to add users to the group was to type their username into the input field and hit the add new member button. In actual fact, that’s a filter, and to add new members you just hit the button to display a modal popup to then find and add usernames to the group.

Note that this is different to how it looks for me as admin - I have the addiitional option to “bulk add to group” so there’s a pulldown.

Two ways this might be fixed

  • move the input field a bit farther away from the button so they don’t seem linked (also applies to what I see as admin)
  • change “username or email” to “filter by username or email”

What are your thoughts here @awesomerobot

Yeah I can definitely see how someone would get confused there. If we move search back down to its own row above the users we can also just expose both the add and bulk add buttons on the right instead of having the dropdown too. Updating the placeholder text would help too.