Hamburger menu column misalignment


I noticed that the 2nd column of categories is not aligned with the 2nd column of other text elements in the hamburger menu. Not sure which selector to look for to fix it with CSS.

(Sam Saffron) #2

My poor OCD, @Johani maybe have a look at fix, looks like an issue with the core CSS


One more thing. The category links in the hamburger menu don’t have any background color change on hover.

OCD never stops…

(Sam Saffron) #5

That is actually correct, we do not put background on categories anywhere on hover.


we do it in the category list popup. how is it different from the hamburger menu?


(Sam Saffron) #7

Hmmm, leaving this for @awesomerobot to decide on then…

(Kris) #8

Yeah, probably more consistent to add a highlight there now… padding will need to be reworked a little and it would need to be tested for the 4 category badge types (the box style will be fairly annoying there). Overall it’s a low priority enhancement…

Time might be better spent looking into ways to improve the hamburger menu entirely (revisiting some suggestions in Proposing a left-aligned slide out hamburger menu)? Big sites with a lot of categories are becoming more common, and I don’t feel like this works well at all for anyone…


Not a big problem, especially if it’s going to be redesigned.
I would love to have a native left-aligned slide out menu.

(Joe) #10

The alignment issue is fixed via:



Good catch and thanks for reporting @BlackKnob