Hamburger menu not (correctly) working anymore

(Guido Drehsen) #1

I did just the migration from v2.1.0beta2 +325 ( I do not remember the exact number anymore, it was somewhere in the 300) to v2.1.0.beta3 +21
Now I do notice that the hamburger menu is not working anymore.
Clicking on it does not work.
But I found a little work around, clicking on the magnifying glass does work and then clicking on the hamburger menu does show a small version of the menu with a scroll bar.


(Guido Drehsen) #2

and clicking on the profile pic does also not work anymore.
Same workaround there, first clicking on the magnifying glass and then on the profile pic

(Vinoth Kannan) #4

Can you please make sure you are in the latest version. If yes then can I have your website address. You can also PM me.

P.S. It’s fixed now.

(Guido Drehsen) #5

well I did the upgrade 3 hours ago, so I was on the latest version :wink:
I will do another update then tomorrow morning there are too many users on our server in the evening hours.
Just checked it with another login, no problem there.
Seems to be a problem with the big hamburger menu of my admin login with a lot of categories.
I will let you know tomorrow if everything is fine.

(Guido Drehsen) #6

I just did the update, it is working now.
But it does only show a few (5) categories/sub categories now, in the past I had a long list of categories.
Can I change that somewhere and how is the system choosing which categories to show here?
We do have 26 main categories and 151 sub categories.
Looks like there are shown the two categories that I am following and the two categories I am watching.
Adding another category under watching did change it but still only five categories.


(xiasummer) #7

I encountered the same problem.

I just rebuilt the discourse system. Exactly the same problem.

I don’t like this effect, either.

(Robert McIntosh) #8

There are some recent changes concerning the Hamburger Menu. You can read about this and give feedback here:

(xiasummer) #9

How to solve this problem?

Any tissue?

(Robert McIntosh) #10

What problem are you still trying to solve?

The details of how the Hamburger menu work are detailed in the link I shared above.

(Sam Saffron) #11

I just don’t understand this bug report anymore the OP is resolved so closing.

(Sam Saffron) #12