Handle Stripe-initiated refunds for campaigns

As a requested continuation / follow-up to [Stripe Campaign donated amount fails to update]:

It would be wonderful if the Stripe payments plugin (for campaigns in this instance) would correctly reflect refunded payments by

  • the tally correctly reflecting refunded payments
  • allowing users whose contribution was refunded have the option to pay (say a different amount)

One solution might be to allow refunding from within the Discourse plugin interface, by importing/showing the payments made on a new “Campaign” tab (rather than only having a Subscriptions tab), which would then correctly keep track of that information?


Thanks for making a separate topic to track this. Yes, we would like to have proper support for refunds from within Discourse and this is on my list to work on.

I’ll investigate this, but we do have a “Repurchaseable” option you can configure for a Product:

which I would think would still allow them to pay a different amount?