Has anyone here played around with Twist?

I just discovered twist. Looks like something worth keeping an eye on!

On the surface, it looks like they are aiming to hit a sweet spot between Slack and Discourse. This blog post is a good introduction, as well as their comparison pages for Slack and Email.

Like Discourse, threads (e.g. topics) are first class citizens and they have decided against a presence indicator.

But like Slack, they have the channels you have chosen to join shown persistently on the left, rather than only having all categories under a dropdown or on a separate page (related topics here and here).

I’m also curious to hear other first hand impressions if anyone else here has played around with it.


Functionality aside, right from the start the price-per-user (even discounted) would be an insurmountable barrier for my needs.

Yeah, pricing and viability aside, I’m still interested to hear what kinds of things people do and don’t like about it, and whether there are good ideas that people think could work well within Discourse that may be worth borrowing.