Has anyone succeed in use minio for upload files?

just want to ask have succefully use minio for upload files. and how?

according to

now i can only upload *.txt but when it comes to pictures it can’t be dispalyed succesfully

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I tried it for a while, but gave up on it. I don’t remember the particulars, but I vaguely remember that something needed to make Minio work got removed from Discourse. Looking now at the topic that you linked, it looks like I might have been wrong and that using named spaces (or whatever it describes) might have solved what I thought was an incompatibility.

I’ve had moderate success with Digital Ocean spaces, but it doesn’t seem to be entirely reliable, especially for large backups. I’m still using it with a few sites.

The discourse.org folks use AWS S3, so that’s what I recommend if you want your S3 stuff to be most reliable.

but AWS S3 in China is complex and expensive…

but i belive that I’m almost at the door of success. just set the bucket to a “public policy”

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Ah. Yes. I too often forget my privilege. Much of what I said is wrong, then. I think you can make the MINIO_DOMAIN bit work you will be OK. Sorry not to be more help!

" I too often forget my privilege?" I can’t understand you … er…curious about what privilege do you have…enlighten me if you are willing to…no offence

I mean that I don’t have to worry much about S3 being expensive or difficult to use where I am, just because of where I happen to live.

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succeeded! after a public policy!
pictures ok
but mp4 files failed


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now I know why

it doesn’t allow to upload a same file which was deleted illeagally
and now totally victory i think.