Migrate to minio

I configured minio as image upload storage, it works well for new uploads, but I can’t migrate olds into that.

root@9c9267547230:/var/www/discourse# rake uploads:migrate_to_s3
Migrating uploads to S3 for 'default'...
Some uploads were not migrated to the new scheme. Please run these commands in the rails console

SiteSetting.migrate_to_new_scheme = true

when I execute Jobs::MigrateUploadScheme.new.execute(nil) first time, it takes several hours and returned some exception, but seems finally success.

I execute it second time, it returns an empty array [].

and then I try to rake uploads:migrate_to_s3 again, it still says Some uploads were not migrated to the new scheme.


they’re site icons.

This is a known issue, already reported in the following topic:

It’s been a long time since it was promised to be fixed. However unfortunately it’s not fixed yet.


is there any known work-around solution?

I’m currently having a similar problem with Spaces.


I think It should be possible to manually transfer upload files from local to minio by minio client (mc). Then update links by a rake task. However I didn’t try it cause I cant risk it on my community.

In your case if its only a handful of site icons, maybe just upload them manually and update links in your dashboard.


So this is ultimately CORS related as well, @pfaffman?

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The problem that I think he was referring to is that migrate_to_s3 won’t run unless everything has been changed to the new scheme but the default/stock images are in the old scheme. And the process that updates them didn’t touch the stock images. (and if you run an update they get recreated)

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Can you update to latest and run the rake task again?

I fixed the rake task to only check for uploads made by users otherwise it wouldn’t run.


Oooh! . by_users! I didn’t know about that one. I’ll try to have a look, though it seems pretty clear they should fix it.

I suspect my task is still running.

That’s because it’s new-ish. Was added in



ooh sorry I have already migrated it manually and can’t do this again.

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