Has anyone successfully deployed Libretranslate and the Multilingual plugin?

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I’m attempting to use the Multilingual app with Libretranslate and Discourse Translator.

  • Libretranslate working
  • Translator enabled
  • Discourse Translator working via globe icon to translate posts
  • allow user locale
  • multilingual enabled
  • multilingual content languages enabled
  • multilingual translator content tag sync
  • multilingual tag translations enforce format

What I see is multilingual content languages topic filtering enabled hides posts instead of them being visible.

Not sure what else I need to do to get Multilingual plugin to work. I am seeing these errors:

Is your endpoint working properly? Did you test it outside Discourse? For example, if /languages returns something?

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I’m using a hosted endpoint, which works just fine. Hoping to sort out my own arm64 instance in the linked thread so I can use it instead.

But, still not able to use multilingual plugin with the hosted instance that has been working fine for libretranslate.

I just installed it on my computer, and it works fine on my dev instance: :thinking:

Your error suggests that the URL cannot be reached or something is blocking it, resulting in a timeout.
That’s the reason I was asking if you can use your LibTranslate API outside of Discourse. I’m not too sure what your issue is. This sounds like a connection issue with Docker, but I’m not an expert.

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My issues appear to be because my server is arm64. See Translations on M1 crash docker container · Issue #524 · LibreTranslate/LibreTranslate · GitHub

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