Has something in the software changed?

Our users are complaining that a day or so ago the “Latest” view on our website changed unexpectedly. Was there a software change?

The complaint is that when users click on "latest’ or the PS Audio logo at the top left of the forum, the appearance has changed.

As it is now, the category (such as “Marketplace”) appears under the topic. Previously the category was displayed directly to the right of the topic in its own middle column. The complaint, other than “It’s different!” is the new display takes up more vertical space and is therefore less efficient.

If it’s something on our end let us know. If on your end what we can do to change it or restore.

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Yes, this was an intentional change. See The topic list doesn't need a category column for details in discussion regarding the change.

If you wish to add the category column back, use the Add Category Column theme component.