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(Taylor) #1

Until recently, categories displayed in the topic lists as a column. After discussing its usefulness, the dedicated column for categories seemed excessive and it was removed in favor of placing the category under the topic title. There is plenty to gain from this change (see the above linked topic for details), however, some have voiced that they prefer having the category column. This component is for those that may be struggling with the changes.

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(Tobias) #2

I’ve added it, but the component doesn’t work. Nothing changes at the frontpage.

We’re on the latest discourse-version, including “latest commits”.

(Taylor) #3

I just checked it on latest commits and it appears to be working fine. Are you sure you added the component to your main themes after importing it from GitHub?

(Tobias) #4


I’ve added the component through the “Import Component”-feature, and pointed to the Git. The component is added to a basic theme, with no other changes than the colors.

I’ve also tested it on a brand new docker env., with same results. Can’t i use it as a component, or?

(Taylor) #5

That appears to be set up correctly. Can you confirm a couple things:

  • Is the theme “Dark - DevTest” active and used by your account?
  • If you click Forhåndsvisning, does it add the category column to the “Latest” topic list page?
  • Have you tried refreshing your browser once the theme component has been added?

(Tobias) #6


Yes, Dark - DevTest is active on my account.
No changes is seen, if i press “Forhåndsvisning”.
Tried both in a fresh session (private session) and with cleared cache.

Guess it could be a conflict of another plugin or so, so guess i’ll be back, after testing with a like-stock setup.

(Taylor) #7

Thanks for checking on those things! We’ll get this figured out. Here are a couple more questions:

  • Are there any errors in your browser console when loading the “Latest” topic list?
  • Can you successfully add any other theme component to “Dark - DevTest” and see its effects?

(Tobias) #8

Nope *2. I’ve checked console a few times, and all components was removed while i tested.

After a test rebuild, i can inform that it’s caused by which also customize the topic-layout.

I actually tried to uncheck the Enable Topic List Previews plugin option in the settings for discoruse-topic-previews, but it didn’t work. (FYI @angus).

Rebulded without the plugin, and the tricks works as expected.

@angus - Are you able to help me out, with changes to the Enable/disable option?

However, i think i’m just going to remove it as a temporary fix.

Thanks for all the inputs, @tshenry :slight_smile:

(Taylor) #9

Ah! That makes sense. I don’t know if you noticed, but restoring the category column will be a new feature of the Topic List Previews plugin in the near future, so you should be in good shape soon:

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #10

I’ve just installed TLP and it’s broke my Category Column :frowning:

(Taylor) #11

I believe @merefield added a plugin setting called topic_list_category_column to TLP that will add the category column back to the topic list, so if you are using that plugin, you won’t need this theme component :slightly_smiling_face:

(Dmitry Krasnoperov) #12

True, thanks for help!