New Categories View


We changed our homepage to default to the Categories view from the beginning. Today, out of the blue, that view changed to a vertically-bisected screen with categories on the left and Latest on the right. Was this a deliberate change? And is there a way to undo it? It doesn’t look good and we don’t want it that way.

(David O'Dea) #3

This should help answer your question:

(Jeff Wong) #4

Oh right, I forgot they added back the classic layout. Good catch.

@Rob_Waters that site setting in that topic should get you sorted out back to your desired layout. Change category page style to the ‘Classic’ mode for the desired layout.


Sorry. I’m admittedly not a very sophisticated Discourse user and I’m having some trouble following the conversation. Here is how we set the order we wanted originally:

What should I do from here to get it back to the way it was? Or do I have to go somewhere else?

(cpradio) #6

Do a search for desktop category page style in Settings


That’s what I needed. Thank you!

(Alan Levine) #8

Why can’t I find this setting in my admin settings? Running version v1.7.0.beta2 +64

Nevermind, I see the new setting is in v1.70.beta3