Digest email not to be sent to new users

I want the digest and summary emails to be only sent to users that are at level 1 or above. not to level 0 users (new users). Is it possible?

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Wouldn’t this remove the “this is some of what has been going on recently, you may want to visit the forum again” benefits of the Digest for new members?

Anyway, you could put something together that could set the Preference setting for TL0 members if you really think this would be a good thing to do.


I am using discourse as my sso provider for my android application and wordpress website. So new users for my situation is a little different than new users of a normal discourse forum.

In a normal discourse forum, a user comes and reads some topics, enjoys the forum a little bit and creates a profile to enjoy it even more. So in normal situations, new users are engaged with the forum a little bit already and sending digest emails to them would be indeed beneficial.

However in my design, a new user might not be a new user for discourse forum. it might be a new user for the application or wordpress website, which could have zero interest in the forum. And even they might not know that there is a forum. And I’m pretty much sure that sending digest email to a user that doesn’t have any Idea about the forum is not really beneficial.

on the other hand, I don’t want to lose the opportunity of sending digest emails. So I think the best option for me is to send digest emails to tl1 members and above.

Can you explain this part to me a little bit? I didn’t understand it. What should I do?

Because I think messing with members Preference settings has too much risk of upsetting members I’ve not tried it.
But basically it’s running a well crafted query in the CLI eg.

Yes I don’t want to do such a thing too. If it was an option that we could choose in admin panel, that would have been good. But if there is no option or no plugin that could do this for me, I’m better with not sending digest email at all, rather than running a CLI query.