"Have you tried the ❤ button?" text is irrelevant on topic

When you make a topic and dont enter enough text, it shows the same text as replies.


It’s the exact same thing, the topic one should use “Post must be at least 20 characters” instead.

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Can you repro here on Meta? I see both those strings, but the like button does not show in the same context for me as your screenshots. :thinking:

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I do not, very weird. It’s a completely unchanged dev install, no settings, nothing.

I can reproduce at try.discourse.com

  1. Create a new account
  2. Dismiss the new notification user tip
  3. Click new topic
  4. Write a text shorter than 20 character
  5. Click create topic

I think it only triggers for tl0 or 1.


I think it was also mentioned here too - Error on too short OPs: "Have you tried the %{heart} button?"