Header CSS not applied to User API access key confirm page


I noticed something strange when adding some forums to the Discourse app.


  1. Have a mobile phone with the Discourse app installed


  • iOS and android mobile phones. Likely any phone with the app installed. I used my Pixel XL.

Repro Steps:

  1. click the “+” icon to add a new forum to the app
  2. type “forums.gearsofwar.com” or “community.cartalk.com
  3. click the “connect” button once the forum is in your list
  4. You may need to make an account with Xbox or CarTalk
  5. Once the account is created and you are on the authorize page notice the header scss is not applied


Expected Behavior:
The scss loads for the header.

  • The CarTalk Discourse header and the Gearsofwar Discourse header both show the app names instead of their icons. Which makes me thing the setting for the logo is not being accessed.
  • The custom header in gearsofwar doesn’t show up.
  • This doesn’t seem to affect footers?

I think this affects more than just the auth pages, any page that doesn’t load the full ember app, maybe? It also happens on the 404 page, for example. Example here on meta:

https://meta.discourse.org/thisisa404page (open in new tab)

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Yeah, I believe I have seen in on 404 pages as well

I recently merged a similar kind of issue at:


I guess we are not including custom css on static, non js pages

@Osama can you have a look at this and add to your list?


It looks like we do include custom CSS on non-JS pages for both mobile and desktop layouts, however this:

is indeed a bug and here is a fix for it: