Header layout with broke with last discourse (9fdea6c)

Hello guys,

We encoured 2 pbs upgrading to last Discourse version, probably linked…

header icons layout (panel clearfix) broke, move on left clicking on icons (Safari version)
babble icon has been removed from div, not compatible with last version?

I join an image for understanding.

Thank you for help!


Thx for the answer, you mean that last discourse version (9fdea6c) embedded experimental new header? And so Babble plugin isn’t supported cause icon is setted on header right?

Anyway, is there a way to rollback discourse version? Or should I wait for @gdpelican to update plugin?

Thank you for answer, it will guide me.


Yep, not even tagging plugin (which is official) is working atm.

No. Yes, wait. Disable the plugin while waiting.

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OK @Falco, thank you. Will wait then :slight_smile:

By the way @Falco, are you able to reproduce pb with new header discourse icons that are moved to left clicking on it? (Safari version) I noticed same pb on try.discourse.org, not on meta


pb = problem?

The icons stand still here on Linux Chrome.

Yes sorry, pb = problem, right

Icons stand still here on Firefox and Chrome, but are now moving on Safari. That’s not a big issue, but I just noticed you for future.

Better cross post here:

I don’t have a Mac to test, so please post there so @eviltrout can fix!

kitedor.info seems to be looking fine so I assume this is resolved.

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