Header Search Theme

Same here. I can repro this on theme creator and discourse development.


@angus perhaps the component needs to be improved? In light of recent changes:

There is some strange behavior in the drop-down menu.



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Thanks @Stranik and @nexo. I’ve added support for the new event added by UX: Do not close login modal and search menu on outside mouse up even… · discourse/discourse@58fe45f · GitHub.

The theme will continue to work with older Discourse versions as well.


User and tags go off of the search modal. Could you check if this happens to your instance?

It’s probably something wrong with your other themes. Long usernames are cut off with “…” when only using this component.


Testing this theme component now and I see that once a search is executed the top of the results are getting cut off, whole element is getting shifted up or something. Anyone else seeing this?

It seems to happen even when I switch to a default theme…but @angus I don’t see this active in your sandbox at the moment so not 100% sure if it’s a bug or something weird with my setup.

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We don’t have space for a search bar on mobile. Has anyone ever seen a search bar integrated into the forum itself, rather than the header? I guess it could also be a footer search bar

Have you looked at this component?


thats exactly what i’m looking for. thank you @Johani.

We’ll modify it to work on tag-pages, which is the same for pretty much every plugin right now.

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I noticed this issue too, made a PR with some updates


Thanks! Merged :tada:


A nice setting would be to place it exactly in the center of the header :slight_smile:

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Hey @angus

are there any plans to update the theme component? In theme preview it seems to have some layout issues
I think it’s a great feature that animates user more to use search function more frequently.