Header sometimes not sticking to the top of the page

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I saw this once today too… not sure how to reproduce though…

Not sure, but its happening to me right now :wink:

Not sure what (if anything) I did special… drats. Hard refresh fixed it.

Confirmed here … lets see if I can repro

Yeah I get this now too, it’s always on navigation to another topic via Suggested Topics. Very odd.

My guess is we have invalid HTML in there somewhere, somehow?

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Happening on mobile too.

Yes, that may be it. I’ve been trying a dozen things since I originally got it to happen and I forgot that I was primarily browsing from Suggested Topics initially (I surprisingly, don’t do that very often, just when I’m in a hurry).

I just reverted a change with categories that may have been causing it, oddly enough code looks good, but this could be a jQuery bug or something.

Very hard to debug cause I can not get a local repro:


cc @zogstrip


I did experience the non-sticky header earlier today but whatever you did seems to have fixed it, unless it’s just coincidence. Darn no-repo sporadic bugs are the bane!

It was happening to me quite consistently in production (but not in dev) before I hacked out that code.

Like @sam I could not reproduce locally… I changed the regexp and deployed the change here. Haven’t heard a single complaint since, so I’m guessing it’s working fine now :whale:



The reason it didn’t work is because using a \b in a “character class” is a “backspace” and [^\b] is equivalent to saying:

Match any character that is NOT the backspace character (ASCII 8)

Original regex for reference: \bcategory-[^\b]+