Page extends endlessly without sticky header

After last update, I’m getting a weird glitch and not sure how to debug it further. The forum link is Now the landing page has a sticky header and everything works fine. But what I had and actually want is a non-sticky header on the landing page. But now, when I disable the sticky declaration:

Screenshot from 2022-07-07 18-51-55

then the page keeps on extending and I never reach it’s footer:

I can reproduce it on another page where I use a similar layout, but not on other instances. So it must be sth I’m declaring on the theme, but I’m at a loss what it could be. Would anyone have a guess?

Updated the op and removed my previous solution.



It seems to this cause the --header-offset. If the header is not sticky, while you scrolling it will change. I think you have to fixed the --header-offset to work on these pages.

Something like this maybe :thinking:

html.desktop-view {
  --header-offset: 81px !important;
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Thank you for having looked at this @dodesz! I also thought it’s related to the dynamic header-offset declaration. On the other hand you can change the header to non-sticky here on meta or other instances and it’s no issue. E.g. on this instance I use similar components, but the page doesn’t extend with a non-sticky header:

So I still wonder why with this other theme. Though I also wonder what the header-offset value is actually calculated and used for?

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I see… :thinking: My next tip :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I checked it with the other site too. I think the new changes with sidebar might cause this. this is an older version which not contains sidebar codes.

.sidebar-wrapper has a height:calc(100vh - var(--header-offset)) I think this push the content while you scrolling if header is not sticky.

You can set the height: 0; or display: none

#main-outlet-wrapper .sidebar-wrapper {
  display: none;