Header submenus


(Yamada Brother) #27

Would you happen to know how to move it down into the main nav bar, so there’s no extra top bar?


It’s doable via css but not really clean. You could try this theme component instead


It’s worked with a hard refresh, all’s good now, thanks =]

(Yamada Brother) #30

Yeah, not near as clean. Thanks, though. Hope this becomes a feature.


Hi folks,

still a few things to do in administering new and existing entries, but overall a very very handy component.
What I´d be interested in is, how to push the configuration from a test environment to production when everything is set up ?
Is there a best-practice how to do that ?
I tried to export the component and import it again afterwards, but it seems to get imported with default settings.

Or did I do anything wrong ?

Thanks and greetings!




Hi - this theme component works well. However is there a way to edit the menu items without having to redo a lot of data entry each time? I do not see any way to change the order of items nor any way to edit an individual item except to delete it and add a new item at the bottom of the list. Am I missing something?