Header Categories Navbar

This is a simple component that adds a menu of parent category links to the site header, with horizontally scrolling overflow added if/when needed.


This is really cool - I love it, Kris! It will combine with the sidebar beautifully, allowing the core cats up top and a short personalised selection on the bar.

I’ve noticed two little UX issues that could really give it a lift if addressed:

UX: Category selection highlight

When on a category list, the correct category has a lovely subtle underline.

However, this doesn’t persist if a Topic or a subcategory is entered.

It would be lovely if it did persist in both of those situations.

UX: scroll / overflow on mobile

There is a nice little fade / subtle arrow visible when there is overflow of the categories on desktop.

Overflow is much more likely on mobile, but on my device (Chrome / Android) these subtle cues are not present - and it isn’t clear that scrolling is possible.

It might also help to have the categories bar a little taller on mobile to make scrolling easier.


Another couple of UX issues on mostly applying to mobile:

Mobile topic breadcrumb clash

In mobile topic views, the breadcrumb navigation clashes with the categories navbar:

Highlighted category not in view

Also, the category selected isn’t scrolled to automatically - this means that it is not apparent that it is selected unless the user scrolls the Navbar. This is vital really.

Desktop only?

I do wonder if it isn’t really ready for mobile yet, and it would be really handy to have a setting to only apply it to desktop (at least for now).


Thanks for the quick feedback! I’ve merged in some updates that should address these.


Brilliant - very happy to give feedback when it is listened to! You’ve had to make quite a few additions to it I note.

I’ll take that as a nice little Christmas :gift: to one another :heart_eyes:.

You’ve fixed this when a Subcategory has been entered - wonderful!

However, it does not apply when a topic is entered - is that deliberate? Personally, I believe that it would make sense if the category stays highlighted while the user is ‘in’ it, which includes the topics and not just the category discovery views.

Also, when I enter another page (such as /admin) the category remains selected. It would be better if no category was selected in this case.

I can see the fade on mobile now, but not an arrow / chevron. If possible this would be super helpful as the fade is pretty damn subtle:

Desktop: image

Mobile: image

Request #1 - UX

Hide the Navbar when scrolling in a topic. It all gets a bit busy!

Also, it might be better on desktop to have the Navbar located where the breadcrumb / tags are in that image instead of below them.

Request #2 - Feature

Could you please add a CSS class to each Nav Pill so it would be easy to hide some if needed?

I ask because I have a couple of (private) parent categories which are only parents in order to enable subcategories, and they clutter up the general navigation in an undesirable way.

I’ve hidden these for now using their href, but that is of course pretty dicey!

Request #3 - UX

An option to sort Sidebar Categories alphabetically.

As I’m implementing this, I’ve removed the parent categories from the default sidebar categories list. This means that my users now have just a list of 1-5 subcategories that are relevant to them.

However, they are a bit scrambled and in no logical order as the order on /Categories for subs doesn’t really make sense . It would be very helpful for these subcats to be alphabetic to help this!!


Colors are bit off when selected

  • default light and dark palettes


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Thanks for reporting! this should fix it:

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Works perfectly. Thanks!

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