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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I have not updated the version yet.
Being a beta version I would not even dare to do it. I saw in the Discourse trial that it works.
If I take my version to 2.6 will it work?

Thank you for what you can guide me

Must be a bug. It can’t get this to work either. I just override it in css.

If I lost the plugin due to bad update, as an example, is there a way to upload only the menus that I typed instead of the entire forum?

It happened to me that I accidentally deleted the plugin but I cannot find a way to upload just the menu items from the Backup/Rollback process.

One more question, but really serious.

I found a great problem trying to hide some menus on some categories’ pages using css. The target menus contain not Latin symbols, because all menus are in different languages. And I can’t base css rules on classes in this case.

@Johani , can you add an ID number to every menu? This would solve this problem. Waiting for your reply!

Update: a simple solution would be to manually add an extra parameter with a unique id number to every menu we add in the component settings.

Update2: I solved the problem with this solution: Custom header with dropdown navigation

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I have 38 sub-menus in a menu. I need Vertical scroll for Sub menus. How to add? Kindly give me suggestions.



I saw this theme component because I want a header that has both menu and submenu items. However, it seems that this component forces me to have a submenu item for every header. I can’t add the url to just the header.

The menu is added via Text, icon, title, view
There is no url here. How can I add link to a menu item that has no submenu items?


Is it a challenge to make a two column list for desktop view? For those of us with several links, this would solve a big headache! (scrolling to the bottom of the list automatically closes the menu, which is a UX concern). Great work!


Hey Rolando, did you figure out how to do this yet?
I’m trying to do the same thing with no luck.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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unfortunately didn’t and gave up :confused:

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Hello @hrayner or @AntiMetaman did you figure out how to add header menu items with links as well as submenu items with links?
I am trying to do the same with no luck aswell :sweat_smile:.
Thank you guys, and happy new year! :partying_face:

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Hey Henry,

Nope couldn’t figure it out using this method unfortunately. In the end I just made everything from scratch with html and css which I think is your best bet. Hope that helps!

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We are using this theme component and it fits our needs almost perfectly. Thank you!

Now are considering supporting more languages in our site. Can this component be localized, so that it follows the language of the interface?


Hold up, is this:

Because of this?

Relief GIFs | Tenor

Just noticed this morning on 2.9.0.beta2. I can’t tell you how much this improves the functionality of the header submenu theme component. I’m gonna spend today moving things around just because I can :smiley:


Any way to add an admin/staff class to a drop down, or specific menu items.
No need for admin specific links, even if inaccessible, to be exposed. This would be useful

This custom menu looks really promising for the situation I’m in.

I have the JS version of discourse being served to Google, it’s looking good but I’m thinking of using this component to replace the current hamburger menu. Google is having trouble rendering the default JS hamburger menu.

1. Does this mean the menu doesn’t need Javascript to function? Or does it work similar to the original menu?

2. Can I hide the default hamburger menu while keeping this custom one enabled? (Did this with CSS display none)

Edit: OK seems no JS is used for this menu.

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can we get a baked in setting to display only to logged in users? or at least display at a specific trust level or above so as to essentially display it to logged inn users only.

I would think the TL concept would be useful if for each header item, or list item, an additional customizable item per link for minimum trust level to display the menu/link as it can be used to display some links to everyone and other links to staff (TL4) only.

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I have this feature built in on my dropdown-header component. Though its best to use that component instead only if you don’t have too many menu items since it adds the items directly inline with Discourse’s default header bar.

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@keegan thanks. I’ve been thinking of using that TC cause it is cleaner and I saw the customizable feature set.

I have about 5-8 links in each of 3 menus. I was worried it was too many to display well. Thoughts?

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@Cozdabuch the links inside the menus can be much more, its mainly the top level items that need to be less. If you have just 3 that should be perfectly fine.


How would one go about enabling this for the crawler view?

Perhaps I can add something to the crawler html .erb file?