Header submenus


Any chance you can implement the option to add CSS Id’s or classes to each menu entry?

That way it’s easier to customize the submenu (for example create a wide megamenu) with CSS only and without changing the code


There seems to be a bug when “Display menu items on the opposite side of the screen” is enabled.

Horizontal scroll stops working on mobile. The issue seems to be with justify-content: flex-end;

I changed it it via css on mobile to justify-content: end;!important

Posted two feature requests on GitHub, otherwise really liking it! :slight_smile:

I installed this component a few days back on a basic hosted forum. Basically all works except one part
the directive in menu itms ‘vdo-vdm-vmo’ isn’t followed. Menu’s show whatever browser on desktop or mobile.

Tried several things but for now I’m out of ideas what could go wrong. Only other component installed is custom header links but it is disabled right now.

any help appreciated

Not sure if this is still supported, but if so, may I make a suggestion. Currently, if I need to insert an item at the top of the list, I must touch each of 20 boxes below it twice- to cut and to paste.

It would be better to put all the lines of text in one big text box. Then a simple edit would be, well, simple.

It is possible to add working H1 , H2 to this items ?