Heavily customized Discourse

Hi, I came across this forum: http://community.anker.com/
It’s a heavily customized Discourse and I’m very impressed by the result.

A few screenshots in case the forum would be unavailable or change in the future:

So, they also have some page with very specific content, kinda like static pages or something (but with ember elements);

I’d like to know how they achieved this, for example, if they used some public theme components or plugins. Do you identify or guess any?

Also, do you have other examples of heavily customized Discourse forums?

(I’m not sure I posted in the right category though, sorry if it’s not the right one)



Looks like a modified version of Custom Layouts, Slick Image, and their own plugin (non-public) with a grab bag of customisations, such as the header.

In terms of other examples, I’m sure @merefield and @Ellibereth can provide deets. We’ve built a few quite like this.