Hebrew translations

I’m not sure that my post should be published here (hope it does).
I use the Hebrew Discourse version. Problem is there are a lot of examples where it is not written in Hebrew (rather in English), or its written in Hebrew with Mistakes.

Here is a small example:

In red its written תמות which means “die” in Hebrew. I think there should be “themes”.
I understand that Discourse is translated to quite a lot of languages and its hard to keep track of those things. Just wanted to update you.


Only about 70% of Discourse are currently translated into Hebrew. That is why you see some English texts. Feel free to join the team of translators at Transifex and help improve the Hebrew translations.



My guess is someone went for TEM-MOT, which is the female form of the plural of תמה

Would love to have a better Hebrew translation your help would be much appreciated

I guess this came from תמה – ויקיפדיה

Looking at a word to translate theme, there is no exact fit, I guess מוטיב kind of works but it is not ideal, תמה is pretty rare and usually used in literature