Help a non-dev customize a subject line?

I’m really sorry to post this, but I’m non-dev and worry I’ll lose a lot of my day trying to figure out how to rewrite the subject line for a notification email.

When a user makes a new post, I’d like to revise the subject line from [%{email_prefix}] %{topic_title} to USER NAME just made a new post in [%{email_prefix}] %{topic_title}

I tried %{username} just added a new post in [%{email_prefix}] %{topic_title but received this error: The following interpolation keys are invalid: “username”.

What am I missing? Many thanks in advance!

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I do some Discourse development and am not sure how to find all the available interpolation keys that can be used in the Discourse email templates, so your question is completely valid. There is a similar question here: How to customize email templates.

As far as I know, the %{username} interpolation key cannot be used in the User Posted email template’s subject line. I can’t think of any good workaround for this.


Thanks @Simon_Cossar – is there a way to get Discourse’s attention on this? Am I wrong to think this could be a simple adjustment to their code?

By posting here, you have the attention of the Discourse team. There are several of us who read virtually every post that is created on Meta.

As a customer, you can also get private support by contacting us through the support email address that is given on your site’s admin dashboard.