The following interpolation key is invalid: name

I’m trying to update system_messages.welcome_tl1_user.text_body_template and address the user’s name in the message, but getting the error: The following interpolation key is invalid: name:

Is there a library or doc that I’m missing where we can see which variables can be used in which messages?

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i think this may be your answer:


Thanks Lilly, that’s a bummer. It would be nice to address the user’s name in some of them.

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This is not my area but taking a look at ALLOWED_CUSTOM_INTERPOLATION_KEYS it appears you can use additional values for certain messages.

In particular:

    %w[system_messages.welcome_user] => %w[username name name_or_username],

I think if we changed this to:

    %w[system_messages.welcome_] => %w[username name name_or_username],

It would let you use those for other welcome messages. I’ll ask around.


In theory we should be able to add all system_messages.* keys as long as they have subject_template and text_body_template subkeys. Because all of them should be handled by the SystemMessage class which adds username, name, name_or_username as additional interpolation keys.


there we go :slight_smile:


This is indeed the way! Thank you so much for your efforts, Lilly—truly appreciated!


heh well i didn’t do anything other than copy and paste. those other good folks @gerhard, @supermathie and @SaraDev deserve the credit :clap: :sweat_smile:


They say it takes a village!


Could this behavior be extended to chat so notification emails can include the user’s name in the subject instead of their username?

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you would have to edit the chat email text and change the key from username to their full name. but i have no idea if this is possible. the chat configuration is not my forte. i would go to settings-customize-email and search for a chat email template in the top drop down menu. all the editable email templates are in that drop down.

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