Help importing a vbulletin database

What would you like done?

I have discourse set up, but I am having major issues getting a vbulletin database moved over. I have tried following the script but just get errors, so I could use some help.

When do you need it done?


It would be great if someone could help me out on this. I would be happy to pay, just let me know what you are expecting. Really looking forward to using discourse!!

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I have migrated a database of that size, (see this thread), I found that it took a 8 core VPS, around 8GB of RAM (the server had 32GB but it didn’t use it all), lots of disk space and 50 hours for the import script to run. I would be available to help you with this job at hourly rate here and wouldn’t charge for the VPS used for the migration, I would need the MySQL database and would provide a Discourse backup file to be restored on your server (either via a HTTPS download or it could be SCP’d to your server, this might be best since it could be around 1GB in size, depending on the quantity of images embedded in the database). Get in touch either here of via our contact page if you are interested.


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