Integrating discourse forum with private club membership site built on Wordpress

I help run a members sports club of about 400 people. We have a site built on Wordpress with a private membership managed on Wordpress once annual fees have been paid. At the moment we have a wordpress forum, but it has died since our new wordpress site was built due to the lack of functionality and poor mobile performance. We want to look at building a new forum with Discourse, but we’re having trouble finding out if it’s possible to integrate it with the Wordpress membership management option - we want members to automatically have access to the Discourse forum and also for members to have forum access revoked if they are no longer members of the club.

Is this kind of integration possible? I really don’t want to have to manage membership by adding and removing members manually.

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Have a look at the wp-discourse plugin. I believe it does what you’re looking for.


If you don’t mind my asking, what plugin are you usung for registration and payment scheduling?

I have a Discourse instance running WP SSO.

New members are created in WP, automatically assigned levels in PaidMembershipsPro and then added to the relevant Discourse groups. It took a bit of custom work on the WP side but not much.