[Help Needed] How to get notified for repost from the community member

Post Lifecycle

  1. day1: new community member(smith) create a topic(questions, suggestions, etc)
  2. day2: company community manager(bob) response to the topic (asking more information question)
  3. day3: new community member(smith) repost on a topic
    **System notifies the company community manager(bob) that there is an update on the topic
  4. day00: community manager(bob) answer to the repost
  5. day00+ : community member(smith) verify the problem is solved.

What would be the best way to notify the community manager to answer the ongoing topic/post?

We use slack, email, jira, salesforce

Enable the setting to watch topics automatically after replying?


Is this where you do it?

Do you mind where to check on this setting as a whole community configuration?
It seems like by default it does set it to “tracking”.

And Does “Watcing” notify via email? is there anyway we can notify the individually via slack or something?

I guess I am generally seeking for the best way to make staff in our organization to follow up on the re-post until the problem is resolved.

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If the person is not on the forum, he/she will be notified by email of each new post or reply. If the person currently on the forum, they will not. However, if they have set allow notifications for in their account preferences, they will get the notification on their screen and on their browser tab.

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Thanks for your answer!
okay the channel is "email "

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