Bumping topics or other ways to trigger a new notification / email


I manage a private Discourse forum for our housing community. We have an announcements category which is configured to act a bit like a mailing list (although not “mailing list mode” or “category mirrors a mailing list”). Every account defaults to watching first post on this category which triggers a notification to everyone. Since most members don’t log in that often, this ends up being an email notification, so we treat it like our member-wide mailing list.

We have a lot of social events and I’m noticing an increasing number of reminder posts which is creating duplication and splitting discussion up. I’m considering one approach: continuing to approve these reminder posts and then manually merging the older topic.

I’m curious about other options / ideas. For example bumping the original topic but in a way that triggers a new email notification to everyone, not just moves it to the top of the latest list. I’m also open to plugins.